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Whiteley Village Vets

Independent, non-corporate vet clinic, offering quality honest healthcare tailored to your individual pet.

Whiteley Vets prides itself on being a bit different from everywhere else.

We strive to continually deliver a gold standard service for both our patients and clients from the minute you step in the door, with a totally honest open approach, keeping you involved in key decision making where appropriate. We pride ourselves on our integrity and in our absolute utter belief that your pet genuinely comes first.  Most canine patients will pull to get in here, testament to the fact that they enjoy coming (although there are the occasional exceptions whom we still need to win over).

Our exceptional levels of care continue throughout the clinic, with a dedicated team of vets, nurses and assistants.  We have separate waiting areas, consult rooms and wards for patients to relax in, fully equipped operating theatres and an imaging room, together with a modern lab enabling prompt, accurate diagnoses and treatments as required.

The whole practice has been designed around the patient and minimizing stress and worry for them, whilst maximizing their health and its care.  Our whole concept has been to develop a modern clinic which our pets would choose, our clients would choose, and that our staff will always be proud of working in.

Please explore our website, and feel free to ask any questions.  At quiet times, we are also always happy to give clients a tour of the practice – although please be aware that being quiet in reception does not always equate to being quiet in the back.

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Our clinic is a bit tricky to find. We have a map, directions and contact numbers!

Routine Services

We provide a wide range of routine services for animals at our clinics

Advanced Services

Our clinic is equipped to provide many advanced services that your pet may require.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of Vets and Assistants that are passionate about the care of animals.


Our clinic is purpose-built and has all equipment to deal with any animal need.

Useful Links

We have collated a number of useful links that you might need for your pet.

Why Us?

A vet clinic where the patients pull to get in? Really?  We keep being told that dogs hate the vets – but we don’t see why that should be the case – and really work hard at making sure that it’s not the case here.  Keeping everyone relaxed and happy makes all of our live easier – our patients are keen to come here, our clients don’t need to worry about upsetting their furkids and our ability to do our jobs properly is significantly improved and much more fulfilling.

Our dedication to patient and client care comes in many forms.  We don’t like seeing your furbaby upset any more than you do, and we go to great lengths to minimize this.  Most of our patients will pull to get in, and some refuse to leave.  (We even have a semi-resident cat who lives locally but turns up each morning to spend the day here before being sent home in the evenings). 

Apart from separate dog and cat areas, with separate waiting rooms, consulting rooms and hospital wards, we also have magically refilling sweetie jars containing dried chicken, duck or fish, toy boxes to relax with and large enough consulting rooms to enable us to watch movement freely and not over crowd any nervous patients.  It is rare for a dog to go onto a table – most are examined on the floor, making them much more relaxed.  We also try to avoid any painful procedures where possible, using alternate methods to mitigate pain including i/v injections, local anaesthetics, sedation where appropriate and lots of pain relief.

Our services offered are also are significantly wider than the average general practice, with an ever- growing referral caseload.  All our vets have a special area of interest as well as being top quality general first opinion practitioners.  We offer referral services in surgery, cardiology and imaging, with certificate holders/ advanced practitioners in these disciplines.  Our equipment level is apparently on par with some of the leading referral specialists in the country, meaning many procedures can be carried out ‘in house’ rather than requiring referral, whilst we also have peripatetic RCVS recognized specialists who come in regularly, joining us to undertake more unusual or advanced procedures.  This puts us on a half-way house footing, offering many of the referral services of the big hospitals without the price tag to go with them.

In an emergency, please contact us and then come straight down to the clinic. 

By contacting us, we can talk you through any first aid necessary, and can also alert the clinical staff of your impending arrival.

Out of Hours, you will be redirected to our emergency service.  There is an emergency line bypass on our phone system.

Emergencies will always be prioritized.