Advanced Lab Diagnostics

We have comprehensive laboratory facilities allowing us to do many procedures ‘in house’ giving fast and accurate results.

These include:

  • Blood tests – biochemistry, haematology and endocrinology facilities in house; all basic blood analysis, however also multiple extras including progesterone (quantitative), cortisol, fPLi, cPLi, T4, TSH, CRP, fructosamine, bile acids, ionized calcium, proBNP etc.
  • Urine testing – basic testing, however also biochemical analysis for certain compounds.
  • In house incubator for faster bacteriology results – we can grow and analyse bacteria so that we know what antibiotics are useful within 24 hrs and the actual bacteria with 48hrs.  We do still send swabs out to external labs for more detailed results, however these always take a minimum of 3 days, whilst we can have targeted antibiosis within 1 day.
  • Microscopes with multiple staining techniques – rather than just looking down the lens, we can also do Gram or Diff Quick stains. This allows us to quickly check for certain infections which need more vigorous or alternate treatments.

In an emergency, please contact us and then come straight down to the clinic. 

By contacting us, we can talk you through any first aid necessary, and can also alert the clinical staff of your impending arrival.

Out of Hours, you will be redirected to our emergency service.  There is an emergency line bypass on our phone system.

Emergencies will always be prioritized.