Where appropriate, we administer various chemotherapeutic protocols.

It must be remembered that chemo in the veterinary setting is very different than that for humans, as our goal is to provide palliative treatment with minimal side effects and maximum quality of life.  We cannot explain to our patients that they are feeling rubbish due to drugs, therefore we must work to ensure that this is minimized and preferably avoided altogether.  If any unexpected problems or side effects occur, we can always change protocol or stop altogether.  There are several particularly good drugs to counter side effects where required.

We also work alongside several specialist oncologists to tailor individual protocols.

In general, we are happy to use vincristine, prednisolone, cyclophosphamide, (COP), lomustine, L- asparaginase (LAP), dexamethasone, mitoxantrone, cisplatin, carboplatin, chlorambucil, cytarabine, vinblastine and several others.