Unfortunately, good quality private health care is not cheap. We strive to deliver quality health care at an affordable price, however please talk to us – particularly if you have financial limits, so that we can aim to stay within your budget.

As a wise person once said, you can be any 2 out of quality, cheap and sustainable. We chose quality and sustainable, however that means that we cannot be cheap. We do think that we provide value, and we will not do any unnecessary procedure or test just for the sake of it, nor to increase an account. Just because we have a huge array of equipment does not mean that we have to always use it.

We have a significant level of expertise, with multiple advanced qualifications, whereby we rarely need to refer – although we do so when required. By keeping advanced procedures in house, we hopefully avoid referral standard bills for you, and can afford to have, run and maintain a much higher level of equipment for all patients to benefit from.

Financials Whiteley and Warsash Village Vets

All new conditions will initially be charged a standard consultation. Follow up appointments incur a repeat consultation fee. Referral appointments are generally 2-3 times longer and hence will be charged appropriately.

Most drugs incur a dispensing fee. This is necessary to cover pots/labels/ printers/ receptionists/ storage/ delivery etc etc etc.

Unfortunately, we cannot buy many drugs/items at the price that you can get them for at an online pharmacy, and we then have overheads and wastage to cover. We keep things down as much as possible, with much smaller than standard mark ups. Please don’t complain that our drug prices are higher than you can get them for online – we can not price match these without selling for less than we are buying for – which is not sustainable. We are happy to provide a written prescription for you to obtain items elsewhere when suitable.

We highly recommend insurance for your pets. A good quality, lifetime policy should be chosen as many conditions will need ongoing care. A limited time policy also opens a myriad of loopholes for a lucrative company to wiggle through, with exclusions occurring rapidly. We work most closely with PetPlan and Vetsure, encountering fewest issues with claims from these companies.

We offer a limited Pet Health Scheme to cover specifically for the routine treatments required for good preventative care. Please speak to us for more details.

Looking for Insurance?

In an emergency, please contact us and then come straight down to the clinic. 

By contacting us, we can talk you through any first aid necessary, and can also alert the clinical staff of your impending arrival.

Out of Hours, you will be redirected to our emergency service.  There is an emergency line bypass on our phone system.

Emergencies will always be prioritized.