We offer both standard and biotherm microchips.  Biotherm chips are standard chips with an inbuilt thermometer, so that rather than taking a temperature rectally, we can scan the chip instead – saving indignity and stress.  They do tend to read slightly lower than deep thermometers – but thermometers will also depend on how far they are inserted……

Microchips are a legal requirement for all dogs over the age of 8 weeks (and hopefully all cats in the future).  It is also a legal requirement to keep your details up to date, and there is a fine of up to £2000 if this is not done.  They are also the only permanent, recognised system for definitive identification.

In an emergency, please contact us and then come straight down to the clinic. 

By contacting us, we can talk you through any first aid necessary, and can also alert the clinical staff of your impending arrival.

Out of Hours, you will be redirected to our emergency service.  There is an emergency line bypass on our phone system.

Emergencies will always be prioritized.