Regenerative medicine

Stem cell and activated platelet therapy.

These very modern techniques may often repair and rejuvenate joints and tendons – so long as they are used in the correct scenarios, and at an early enough stage in disease progression.  For stem cell therapy, we work alongside Cell Therapy Sciences, whereby we harvest a donor site (usually near the umbilicus) and send the samples to CTS who grow the stem cells and send them back for us to implant into the affected joint.  This is best done in combination with Activated Platelet therapy, but either can be done by themselves.

Arthramid (Aquamid) Gel joint implants.

These are also intra articular injections, however are used later in osteoarthritis, as the disease will always progress, despite us slowing that rate of deterioration down as much as possible.  Aquamid acts partially as a cushion, but mainly on the receptors within the joint membrane to alter inflammation and joint fluid makeup.  We often use these in end stage arthritis, where they really improve most patients’ quality of life. We have recently taken part in a large study of the efficacy of this technique, which should be published shortly.  We are also writing a paper on their use in various situations, which we hope to publish when Cara has time.

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