Miss Cara Golden


Head Vet and Director

Cara Golden graduated from the RDSVS in Edinburgh in 1995 and has been in practice since then. She comes from a family of medics, and has always lived with the ethos of putting patients first. Some of her earliest memories are rushing off to some medical emergency in the back of a car.

Originally Irish, she grew up in Jamaica where her parents were working in the university hospital, making several major medical breakthroughs. This has caused her to be continually advancing and trying to improve – both herself, the practice, and treatment potentials.

She set the practice up in 2014 after having a major fall out with one of the large corporate groups. She feels strongly that veterinary care should be patient-centric, and designed around and for the individual, rather than purely trying to cut costs and increase profits, pushing unnecessary treatments. She has built a practice with an extraordinarily high level of equipment, able to cater to virtually anything that a patient may need – however just because something can be done doesn’t mean that it should be.

Cara started her vet career in Yorkshire, where she worked in a first opinion and referral centre, taking surgical referrals after her second year in practice. At this stage, she had started her initial surgical certificate, however abandoned this just before finishing it in order to race yachts around the world for 10 months. Her happy place is definitely in the operating theatre (when she’s not cuddling puppies), where she is often undertaking surgeries usually only seen in specialist centres.

Her other big love is keeping her patients happy and relaxed, pulling to get into the clinic. In order to do this, she very rarely puts dogs on tables, preferring to work on the floor with a toy box and lots of treats. Unfortunately this means that she goes though the knees of her trousers regularly – apologies in advance if this is the case! Outside work, Cara lives locally with her partner, Martin, their Mastiff, Bronson (who comes to work daily) and their 2 cats, Babe and Remy.

She can usually be found messing about on boats when not working, or relaxing in the garden with a glass of good wine.